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x Nyan~ Welcome to the web LLSIF-AutoTeamBuilder, now it has formed 388250 teams for SIF players.

This page is used to compute detailed stats, and the best SIS allocation and positioning for user custom teams. To use your whole user profile to build team please check team building page.
All the algorithms are available at Github source´╝îmore detail for the algorithm please refer to Love Live SIF: Introduction to team strength (written in Chinese).

User Guide: detailed tutorial here

  1. Choose song (Click on song name to add to live list, click cover to look at live details), and extra conditions.
  2. Copy the team JSON, or import the teams from your School Idol Tomodachi account, or manually edit your team, or import your team from screenshot (this feature is provided by liaocm).
  3. Click calculate button to compute the team strength details, if you checked auto allocate, the best SIS allocation will be displayed.

If you found a bug, please report it to me, please describe the situation with ALL SETTINGS.