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x Nyan~ Welcome to the web LLSIF-AutoTeamBuilder, now it has formed 388250 teams for SIF players.

For efficiency and stability, Web LLSIF-AutoTeamBuilder uses the following parameters:
Set all kiss gems to 9, the candidate card pond has size 12, 1-suboptimal algorithm is applied.
Under above assumption optimal solution is not GUARANTEED,but by experience most of the case the expected total score is within 1000 points to the optimal one.
You can run a more accurate algorithm locally by using Github source,more detail for the algorithm please refer to Cookbook of Team Building.

User Guide: detailed tutorial here

  1. Choose song (Click on song name to add to live list, click cover to look at live details), and extra conditions
  2. If you are using a third-party proxy SIFStats (JP), LLproxy (CN), then you can directly copy the user profile JSON to input your card list.
    If you have used minaraishi's team builder, you can copy the exported file here.
    If you have a School Idol Tomodachi account, you can also import your user profile here.
    If you are in EN server or not linked to any proxy stats site, you can edit your profile manually, once you are done I highly recommend you to save the JSON locally in case of lost.
    The input user JSON is stored in local storage, so next time you open this page you do not need to copy your JSON again.
  3. Click calculate button to solve for optimal team and gem allocation.
To check the best SIS allocation and team strength details for user custom teams, check team strength page.
If you found a bug, please report it to me, please describe the situation with ALL SETTINGS.